December 7, 2009

BJJ - Side Control

Warmed up with 3x up/down the stairs and around the upper room, one lap around the big gym then back into our area to do jumping jacks, squats, hindu pushups, situps, etc.

Side Control Rotation
We drilled some positioning moves from side control, basically going Side Control -> Kesa Gatame -> Reverse Kesa Gatame -> North South -> Reverse Kesa Gatame on other side while trying to stay low and tight on our partner.

Side Control Escape 2
This can be used when the regular side control escape isn't working or if they have your inside arm trapped and you need to get it back inside on their hip.
* Take arm from under their head and place it against the back of their head
- should be back of head, you don't get enough leverage on crown or neck
- don't put the arm all the way through, you set yourself up for armbar
* Hard upa
* Push with arm and rotate hips out to create space
* Come back in to guard (half butterfly, half guard, full guard, whichever you can get)

You can do this as well to get your inside arm on their hip if they've got it pulled out, then do it again to work the escape.

Armbar from Kesa Gatame 1
* Start in Kesa Gatame
* Kick your foot over their head and put heel into their neck
* Lean back on arm for the sub!
* Take grip on outside arm down from shoulder to tricep
* Release grip on inside arm and post across their body
* At the same time, pull outside arm through while coming up onto outside foot and inside knee
* Pivot around their head - outside foot should now be against their back with knee against the upwards shoulder
* Lean back for sub

Armbar from Kesa Gatame 2
* Start in Kesa Gatame
* Kick foot over head and tighten heel on neck
* Reach outside arm under their neck (inside the leg)
* Rotate to a north-south while grabbing elbow-pit with arm that is under neck
* Flatten out and adjust to tighten the sub

September 21, 2009

BJJ - Brabo Choke

Started with a run/light rolling warmup, then we did some armbar/triangle from guard drills. Coach said my armbar looks a lot tighter. We then started learning the Brabo choke.

Brabo Choke
* Opponent is down on all fours and you are on top
* Push their head down with outside arm
* Snake your inside arm underneath their armpit and up around their neck
* Catch crook of elbow of outside arm with hand in rnc-type position and work hand up on their back
- Head should be on their back, elbow should be on the ground, weight should be on their shoulder
* With a angled push, roll them onto their side
* Squeeze
- If extra pressure is needed, switch hips and slide outside leg onto ground towards their feet, moving body close to theirs for a better angle

We also worked on some open guard drills, trying to keep a foot and holding on to an arm. Due to my grip issues, I tried to get a wrist and perhaps catch the back of their tricep and it seemed to work okay.

Did some rolling with a couple folks who are more experienced than me and was able to get several submissions. It seems my cardio is improving enough that I can start pushing a little harder without being totally wasted.

August 22, 2009

MT - How Do Hit?

Started back today on my stand-up after a hiatus of about a year. I don't feel like my form has suffered horribly (not that it was that great to begin with) but my conditioning is totally gone.

I think doing MT regularly will definitely help me get back up to speed on my Jiu-jitsu as well.

To start we ran 4 laps and then did a couple rounds of jump-rope. Coach then had us do a pretty strenuous warm-up with lots of alternating chest and ab work. After shadowboxing we did some paired drills working on the push kick and defense and also jab/cross defense. We did some work on the bags of jab/cross combos, then finished up with some punch/block/return drills.

Push Kick
* Knee comes up to my chest
* Push leg forward so that foot can be flat against their chest, between navel and sternum
* Push foot forward to throw them off balance

December 1, 2008

BJJ - Sweeps & Half Guard

Started out reviewing a couple basic sweeps from guard. We then worked on 2 different versions of the half guard (standard and the lockdown) and worked a sweep and a transition to back.

Half Guard Sweep
* Place hand on their hip
* Bump hips while keeping their leg in place with arm
* Push bottom knee through, into half-butterfly
* Get head & arm control
* Pull them off balance and execute half-butterfly sweep

Half Guard to Back
* Bump hips and use space to get an underhook
* Shrimp to side and grab their opposite trap
* Get up to a knee and post on free arm
* ALWAYS keep head in contact with their body

We did some rolling, but I was feeling weak at the end so I took it light. I didn't feel like I had got enough cardio, so I jogged a mile on the treadmill after I got home.

November 19, 2008

BJJ - Leg Grab

Did a lot of warmup and drills tonight with a bit of new technique at the end. We drilled some armbar from guard (bottom) / failed armbar pass (top) and a lot of stand up pummeling/throw stuff.

Leg Grab
* If I am on the ground and opponent is standing
* If they are in and we're arm fighting, if they step back to escape
* Slide in (ass never leaves ground) and wrap inside leg around their leg while rotating around to the side of their leg
* Other leg should be down flat as well
* Arm should grasp leg just above knee

November 17, 2008

BJJ - Try Again

Worked on a few sweeps and a submission from guard. Was useful stuff since they're stuff I'm already relying on a lot in my guard-centric game and need some more work polishing them.

Basic Guard Sweep
* When they post an arm
* Come up and wrap their arm with my same arm (opposite side)
* Post with other arm (same side)
* Bump hips using both feet
* Roll onto mount

Failed Sweep Kimura
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Grab wrist with posted arm
* Grab that wrist with other hand, forming a figure 4
* Shrimp out to side, bringing knee high up on their back
* Finish up submission by rotating up and pushing towards shoulder
* The flatter you get them, the tighter the submission seems to get

Reversal Sweep
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Release their arm, and switch to other side - under-tricep grip
* Grab their head with other arm (the one that was posted)
* Switch hips, and bring leg in between so that shin is across their waist, hooking hip with top of foot
* Use both arms and hooked foot to pull them up towards your head to throw their balance
* Scissor legs and roll into mount

November 7, 2008

BJJ - Down and Over

Worked some more takedowns in class, then had open rolling form standup. I'm still not very good at getting the upper hand on a takedown, especially vs someone with some judo experience, so I tend to cut my losses and just go in to guard on the way down.

In and Over
* Get control of their wrist and pull
* When they pull back, go into them - down on one knee
* As knee hits the group, pull their arm over so that they end up off balance, over your shoulders
* Dip head and roll them flat onto their back
* End with knee on stomach/chest

Had a long roll with one of the newer guys and after shooting a very sloppy armbar he got on top and had me defending on bottom for a long time. Never really got into trouble but I gassed pretty quick and was basically stuck without enough energy to work an escape. I need to up my cardio.

November 3, 2008

BJJ - Get Out

Did a relatively light warmup, then paired up and worked on some guard work and triangle/armbar escapes.

Armbar Escape
* Sprawl and push their legs forward
* Rotate towards inside of caught arm
* Push their legs forward above their head
* Drop hips to force them to release

Triangle Escape
* Grab around their thigh with trapped arm
* Rotate towards non-caught arm
* Use other arm to grab across their face
* Drop hip to force them to release

October 31, 2008

BJJ - Stand-up Choke

Worked on some fun chokes/takedowns from clinch.

The Intro
* Need to be going back or sideways for this to work, otherwise it is hard to move the arm out of the way
* With right hand on their head, left hand on their right tricep
* Bump their right elbow up
* Go under the arm while bringing my right around their neck

Leads to...

Stand-up Choke, left side
* Head presses against their right shoulder
* Bring my right knee in behind their right knee
* Slide in left arm and finish choke


Stand-up to rear hold
* Bring left arm around and grasp left wrist in right hand
* Pivot behind them while pulling arm through
* My grip should be up near their right armpit

which leads to...

Rear hold take down
* Bump their hips to get them off their center of balance
* Bring them down to the back or the side

which can finish with...

Armbar from Takedown
* Right shin up against their kidney - keep foot in if they move
* Right arm leaves grip and grabs back of my own head
* Left arm moves to front of their head (blade of fore-arm against cheek) to straighten them out
* Replace left arm with left leg - sit on their head
* Fall back into armbar

October 6, 2008

BJJ - 3 Step Sub

Back to the gym finally and there's a new expanded schedule with 3 days of jits and an additional MMA class, so I'm pretty excited. This class we covered 3 steps going from an escape to a sweep to a submission.

1 - Escape from Side Control
* Inside hand against their hip with elbow underneath them
* Outside hand is grasping the inside of their shoulder, with forearm going across their /neck/jaw
* Bump hips, with outside harm levering them up and towards opposite shoulder while inside hand holds them in place
* Swing around towards guard to get at least one leg in for butterfly guard.

2 - Butterfly Guard Sweep
* Once in guard, get one hand on head and other hand on arm (same side as outside leg)
* Pull them upwards with both arms and with inside leg
* When weight is light on their posted knee, scissor legs and roll on top
* Land on top with tight grasp on arm, one foot behind shoulder and other foot on inside of armpit

3 - Armbar
* Switch grasp of their arm so that inside arm has it while outside arm is posted over them
* Inside of elbow to inside of elbow for a night hold
* Bring outside leg around over head to get heel against their neck
* Fall back with leg over head pulled in tight and leg over chest layed down flat
- this keeps them from rolling out in either direction