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Monday December 7, 2009

Side Control

Warmed up with 3x up/down the stairs and around the upper room, one lap around the big gym then back into our area to do jumping jacks, squats, hindu pushups, situps, etc.

Side Control Rotation
We drilled some positioning moves from side control, basically going Side Control -> Kesa Gatame -> Reverse Kesa Gatame -> North South -> Reverse Kesa Gatame on other side while trying to stay low and tight on our partner.

Side Control Escape 2
This can be used when the regular side control escape isn't working or if they have your inside arm trapped and you need to get it back inside on their hip.
* Take arm from under their head and place it against the back of their head
- should be back of head, you don't get enough leverage on crown or neck
- don't put the arm all the way through, you set yourself up for armbar
* Hard upa
* Push with arm and rotate hips out to create space
* Come back in to guard (half butterfly, half guard, full guard, whichever you can get)

You can do this as well to get your inside arm on their hip if they've got it pulled out, then do it again to work the escape.

Armbar from Kesa Gatame 1
* Start in Kesa Gatame
* Kick your foot over their head and put heel into their neck
* Lean back on arm for the sub!
* Take grip on outside arm down from shoulder to tricep
* Release grip on inside arm and post across their body
* At the same time, pull outside arm through while coming up onto outside foot and inside knee
* Pivot around their head - outside foot should now be against their back with knee against the upwards shoulder
* Lean back for sub

Armbar from Kesa Gatame 2
* Start in Kesa Gatame
* Kick foot over head and tighten heel on neck
* Reach outside arm under their neck (inside the leg)
* Rotate to a north-south while grabbing elbow-pit with arm that is under neck
* Flatten out and adjust to tighten the sub

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