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What have I gotten myself into?

Tried out a BJJ class at the locat SBG tonight. A couple friends of mine have been working out there for several years and have been bugging me recently to come check it out ever since I started doin krotty a few months ago.

Here's a quick rundown of the activities :

10 min - running
5 min - light rolling, no sub
5 min - light rolling with sub
10 min - sitting and watching everyone else
10 min - dry heaving in bathroom
10 min - lying down on couch
10 min - dry heaving in bathroom
15 min - watching everyone else

What I learned :

"light rolling, no sub" means don't go for a choke, you dumbass
"go at your own speed" means take a break before you've gone too far and you start puking

Going to check out their Muay Thai class on Wednesday.


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