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Holding an Open Guard

Made it all the way through the warmup without stopping (hey, it's a victory for me) and was able to keep up with the class the entire night, including staying a little later to do some rolling.

Since we had a big class we broke into two groups and rotated. Started with some light rolling while rotating out partners, then went back to original partner and did some more drills like last week. One person standing, the other in guard, trying to pass guard and get some sort of side control. Soon as someone got control, we'd reset and try again.

Things I learned :

* When trying to pass, barrel works better if I push their leg in towards them, twisting it at the knee.
* Tripod worked okay except that I wasn't quite fast enough to get around his guard.
* Keep feet up in guard so that they can't lock my foot down
* Use feet to push them away, grab arms if I can to control their movement
* Don't be afraid to sit up and grab them

When open rolling I worked on getting out from a side control.
* Get left arm across their chest and hand on their opposite shoulder
* Right hand down on their hip
* Explode them up for a moment in order to get a leg underneath


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