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How Do Armbar!

side control
* on knees, legs wide, one knee against hip, other by shoulder/head
* arm 1 around head and under shoulder
* arm 2 across them and up the side of their body, holding in
* weight on them
* if they move, move with them, keep knees up against them

escaping side control
* get arm 1 underneath and on their hip (elbow first to squeeze it in)
* get arm 2 under their neck (elbow first to squeeze it in)
* bridge body
- lift with legs, not arms
- leave arms up as body goes down
* slip in a knee

arm bar from guard
* when they're down with elbows on your torso
* grab opposite arm around elbow
* bring knee up behind arm and place foot on their thigh
* place other hand on their opposite shoulder
* bring leg over their shoulder (the one being held)
- rotate body as you do this , so that you're looking at their ear
* bring other leg around and over their neck
- Point foot down

mount escape 1 (if they're high up)
* use elbows to push them down and feet to shimmy out

mount escape 2 (if they're flat on you)
* trap one arm with arm
* trap leg on same side with leg
* bridge to roll them over


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