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Another Day, Another Failed Triangle

Rather than our typical warm-up, coach had us go straight into light rolling - 3 minutes (I think) then rotate to a new parter. I ended up rolling with all folks bigger than me, one of them being coach himself. He said I've got good flexibility and that I'm doing well.

We then paired up with someone and worked on some defense from side control. Partner would try to push my shoulder down and I'd have to prevent him.
* Push out with top arm, naturally helps you to stay on side
* Keep one leg up and loaded, if foot goes flat or leg goes down, they've got you

This worked directly into the half guard.
* Keep their leg tied up
* Keep shoulder up
* Get and underhook as soon as possible
- arch and push arm straight out above my head
- curl head down and use that space to slip arm in
* This is a good defensible position

Now I need to learn where to go from there. :D

Towards the end of class I rolled with a new guy, 170 or so. Due to his build and the way he rolls, I think he has a bit of a wrestling background, but can't be too much since he didn't dominate me. He stayed really defensive, and I had trouble getting past his legs to even get him in guard. I felt a lot more comfortable when I had him in my guard and tried to shoot a triangle but didn't quite get it. At one point he got my back but I was able to defend and eventually work my way out. He also got the mount on me but I was able to flip him immediately and get into his guard.

I'm going to keep working on the triangle till I get it. Every time I try and miss I get more of an idea of what I'm doing wrong. I believe I need to set it up better, some things to remember for next time :
* Trap their arm with my opposite arm and with knee (to keep them from moving out of range)
* When I shoot the leg, bring it directly down on their back to make it harder for them to stand out of it
* Make sure to pivot body when I lock it in, I should be looking at their ear.


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