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A Cold Dose of Reality

Busy night. Ended up starting class late because of an issue with the new locks and lack of keys, so coach said we wouldn't drill a technique but rather just do some light rolling and move straight into wrestling to submission. I ended up learning more than I'm able to keep up with, both from coach and classmates.

working guard + triangle
* use my legs to control their body
* don't let them stand up out of it easily
* bring legs up higher on their back to way them down

xbody escape
* if they're holding tight and not allowing space
* use both hands to push on their top shoulder
* this should give some space to get an arm in at their hip
* use elbow to work arm in at neck
* apply forearm to their throat when upa
* shrimp to side to get leg in

side control choke
* when their arm is crossed across their neck
* pull elbow towards me
* lock it in by getting arm around their arm and neck
* catch bicep on other side of their head
* cinch it by arching back
* movement is very similar to RNC

guard pass defense 1
* if they're attempting to flatten legs and come in behind
* get other leg over their shoulder
* go for triangle

guard pass defense 2
* if they're moving too fast for #1, or if you've lost triangle and they're still passing
* push off & away with top leg
* reorient body to them
* pull back into guard

Rolled a lot more with the new guy that I rolled with the week before. I still was able to submit him multiple times, twice with RNC, but he's already improving and started getting past my guard and into xbody. He didn't know what to do once he got on top of me, so he'd flatten out and just hold on. This sucked because he outweighs me by about 50%, and he was holding on so tight I had a lot of trouble escaping. I took some risks and got mounted once or twice, but was able to sweep him or hook my way out.


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