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Monday Night Madness

Weird night. After warm-up we went straight into light rolling, then on to wrestling to submission for 5 min rounds for the rest of the night. At the end of class, since nobody needed to leave, coach took the newer folks (most of us) aside and went over some basics, and I drilled them a bit before I left.

Passing Closed Guard
* POSTURE - straight up, sitting back on feet
* Post on lower torso, hands out, elbows in
* Knee in, other knee out to break it open
* Pass depends on what they give you
- be careful with inside leg crossing out, can open up for them to get kimura or take my back

Passing Open Guard
* Head must be free
* Get their leg low, so I can pass over it

Defending Closed Guard
* Control head or
* Control arm (underhook) or
* Control arm (overhook)

Attacking from XBody
* From Kesa Gatame
* Get foot over their head
* Fall back into armbar
- heel should be up against their neck
- other leg doesn't have to be over body, shove foot in right at armpit
- fall back, squeeze legs, arch back

I chatted a bit with the people I rolled with, and the consensus seems to be that I still too stiff and I need to relax. I also need to be more patient when on the bottom.


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