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Bing Bing Bang

Today we worked some combos, then threw knees into the mix.

Some Notes
* I need to hold a wider stance, and need to move my feet
* For some reason I kept getting too close to what I'm hitting. If I'm working off the line, I need to step out rather than in towards them.
* Take the time to do each hit correctly, I rush through stuff and my form get's screwed
- Coach said each shot should be worth something, if you miss on the first, the second could connect, if the second gets blocked the third could get through, etc
* When kneeing, lean back and put some power into it
* Keep hands up

We also did a bit of clinch work at the end, which I've never done before... and boy do I suck

The Clinch
* Relax, stay loose
* Control their head
- Try to keep hands on the crown of their head
* Use weight to pull on them, not tense arm strength


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