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Wax On, Wax Off

Due to the holiday and the way we've been drilling, it's been a few weeks since I've actually rolled with anyone. That changed tonight, and after rolling 4-5 people I was ready to puke. I'm amazed that I could lose conditioning that quick, even though I've been doing some cardio (30-45 min on bike) outside of class a couple times a week.

During warmup we did a new drill where one person goes to the ground in a turtle position, then the other person puts their (own) arms behind their back, puts their chest on their partners back and rotates around them. The point is to keep your weight on them all the time, if you don't you tend to slip off. A couple minutes of this is extremely tiring.

We then drilled escapes from cross-body.

Cross Body Escape I
* One forearm under their throat
* Other arm at their waist
* Upa, keep space open when body comes down
* Turn onto hip and spin into them
* Transition into half-butterfly, half-guard or full guard

Cross Body Escape II
* Underhook their armpit
* Other arm at waist
* Upa and use underhook to pull out behind them
* Transition to back


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