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Ho's and Bo's

Got to class a little late due to construction so only caught half the warmup. Coach was at one of his kid's games, so a senior student led us through drills. We did kicks, knees, elbows, a elbow counter drill, and then some combos. (1/2/3 - 10/3/2)

Kicks and Knees
* When kicking with my left leg, I need to step out more
* When kneeing, make sure to grab the back of their head, not neck

* "Wipe the Head" - After throwing an elbow, the hand should come back around in a wiping motion - palm out - to protect the head as you turn your body to throw from the other side. For example, after I throw a right, my hand would go clockwise across my forhead as I pivot right to throw my left.

Elbow Counter Drill
* Catch elbow with same side hand
* Put back of opposite arm on their tricep
* Palm of same side hand on tricep
* Come in with elbow from opposite side
* They catch, and continue to ping-pong

Punching notes
* Make sure to pivot on toe for hooks
* On uppercut, drive from toe, shoulder should be behind it


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