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Roll Into It

Our normal teacher (a senior student) was out on vacation, so coach came in instead. He had us do a light roll for warmup, where I was able to pull off the sweep he helped me on Saturday. He then helped tighten up our game on the two subs we worked on last week.

* Rather than grabbing their wrist first, get the arm locked around first
* Rather than bringing the leg across their lower back, bend the knee and bring it up between their shoulder blades, basically squeezing their torso between your thighs
* The elbow should be tight against their shoulder as you tighten the submission

* Lock it in first
* Twist to get the other hand gripped
* Then fall back

At the end of class, we just did some rolling and I was able to use my new guillotine to tap out someone that has been escaping from them for weeks.


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