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Wednesday September 5, 2007

Whacky Smacks

Did some kendo for the first time in a while. We did our regular drills (suburi, targetting, kiri kaeshi) and then took turns doing _ with everyone in class.

A few notes :
* Relax shoulders. Yeah, been hearing this one forever.
* Do combos rather than single strikes. The first one will probably be blocked but it can leave them open for a followup.
* Tai atari should be at waist level not high up, to prevent someone from overpowering or from slipping in a do strike.

Wednesday June 6, 2007

5 Min an Eternity

Did a lot of suburi. Was rusty at first, but got back into the groove after a couple runs. Work on kiri-kaeshi and then did some shiai.

* All 10 strikes should be on one breath
* The defender sets the pace

In Shiai, we decided to go up to 5 min rounds instead of 2 like we have been doing. Cardio-wise I did surprisingly well, I was breathing heavy but felt I could keep going. My arms were a totally different story, I was having trouble lifting them by the end. I need lots more practice, I may do some extra over the weekend.

Wednesday May 16, 2007

Do Do Doh!

Did the regular suburi warm up, then striking drills on a shinai. Did some kiri kaeshi and I think I did allright. Finally finished up with 2 min Shiai. I think my form was much better than the guy I was fighting, but I had trouble getting any good hits in because he was flailing his shinai all over the fucking place making it hard to get a target.

Some things :
* Need to work on my distance, especially for kote/men
* Move with legs, not with waist
* Don't leave my do open for hits

Thursday March 8, 2007

Hiki Waza

Hiki Waza
* Sho Men strike
* Move in to tai atari
* Give a slight push to make a little room while lifting right foot
* Bring right foot down as I strike sho-men, using foot to jump backwards
* Bring shinai up to jodan after strike

Other Things
* Keep correct footwork - I was sometimes letting my left foot get ahead of my right, and I ended up gashing the hell out of my toe when my back foot collided with my partner's lead foot. MFer needs to trim his toe-nails.
* Tai Atari - From waist rather than chest or shoulder height. Use hips for power.

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