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Passing the Guard

Stopped wussing out and tried another class last night. Now I think I'm too paranoid about overdoing it and not pushing myself enough. I stopped at the end of the warmup (lot of running) to take a break and ended up watching most of the class. I did some light rolling at the end with a buddy and learned some basics.

passing the guard
- get position first
- keep hands on their hips
- bring one knee into their ass
- rotate opposite hip outward
- use straight arm to push down their knee and get my leg on top of it
- if they have longer legs, partially standing may help

going from there into a sidemount
- wrap arm around head and onto shoulder
- one leg crosses over other
- once on top keep weight on top of them
- bring knees into side

protection from sidemount pass
- curl into a ball
- use outside leg to help stay on side
- bring inside knee in, use it and elbow to create space

when someone is in my guard
- try to keep head control
- rubber band, don't use force just make them work against my weight

general stuff
- don't waste energy, i spent a lot of time holding on when it didn't get me anywhere
- use my weight, make them use their strength to get out

Told the coach I wanted to sign up for a month. I need to do some cardio outside of class.


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