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Death by Americana

Had a great class tonight, was able to keep up with everyone and didn't gas out. Successfully fought off an armbar and actually got an Americana on someone, sorta. She may have tapped early because we were too close to the wall but goddamnit I had her and I wasn't gonna let go. Tried to do a triangle, but when i got one leg over the shoulder I realized that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

Worked on some MMA guard and defending a guard pass.

MMA Guard
* Hold a closed guard, bring legs up in order to push them down on top
* Trap their arms using underhooks
* If they get position, use knees to help deflect their strikes
- can put feet on their hips to push away

Defending Guard Pass (to side mount)
* Shrimp onto side
* Lock legs around their trailing legs
* Use hands to hold on to shoulder and arm

Picked up some Shorts and Knee Pads. Like it better than ye old gi pants.


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