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Jab Jab

Did some mitt work. Jab & move, Jab/Cross and move. Jab, Uppercut, Hook, Cross. Also worked some kicks and knees.

Things to remember :
* Don't adjust the height of punch targets for a shorter partner, keep target for jab/cross at my head level, uppercut target at chin
* For knee target, place one on top of the other to brace
* When rear leg kicking, make sure to step out to the left in order to keep my kick from getting jammed

I also got to spar at the end of class. My partner was shorter and lighter than me, but a little more experienced. We went pretty light, but I don't think either of us made and solid hits. I kept jabbing to keep her out of range and she kept her head covered so the few crosses I threw didn't really connect. It was hela fun though, I can't wait to do it again.


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