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Flip You For Real

Worked on guard sweeps with a new guy, then did some rolling with him. I felt in control the whole time, but still had trouble getting some submissions on him. I think I need to spend more time setting up my triangle, since I have a bad habit of shooting and totally missing it, leaving myself wide open. Also rolled with a friend at the end of class who's been doing this a few years and outweighs me by 50-60lbs. He helped me work some more on my guillotine & kimura from guard, as well as escape from xbody.

Guard Sweep
* Push hands off stomach (from wrists)
* Pop up with arm directly behind
* Reach over and get arm around their far arm to my hip
* Other leg should be outside theirs for leverage
* Pop and roll them into a mount

Variation (if they fight the sweep)
* Drop back down, keeping arm trapped
* Put other hand on their wrist pushing it back
* Lock in with original arm on wrist
* Push hips out, putting pressure on shoulder with elbow, and pushing their elbow back towards you

Escape from XBody
* Push Elbow into their head to get arm under neck
* Push on neck with forarm with UPA, to force them to go up
* Shrimp and put leg into space

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Out of interest, what do you call that sweep in class? Presuming I've understood your description correctly and its the same as this, I've seen it called sit-up sweep, hip heist, chest-to-chest etc - you use any of those, or something completely different?

Yeah that video looks pretty close to what we were doing, except instead of grabbing the elbow we were reaching through to grab our own hip in order to trap the arm. That difference may be because we're doing no-gi so there's no sleeve to get a grip on.

I believe my coach just called it a guard sweep without giving it a specific name. He tends to go pretty light on terminology in class; he often shows us something to incorporate into our game but doesn't really name it.

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