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Right in the Kisser

Worked some legs, both standing and moving. I need a lot more work on moving and kicking with lead leg, though rear leg seemed pretty natural when moving forward or backward. Sparred with a classmate who's quite a lot bigger and stronger than me but I think I did pretty well. I caught him several times in the head, once in the nose and got him in the belly as well. My tactic of jab-jab-jab-etc seems to work okay to keep some distance from them.

Things I need to work on :
* Distance - a lot of my shots were coming up short, making it a surprise when I actually did connect
* Defense - my constant jabbing is just covering the fact that I can't defend for shit. When they're coming after me I have a lot of trouble covering up or retaliating. I need to spend more time on my crazy monkey since I seem to be turning too much and losing sight of my opponent.


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