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No Pain No Gain

Got beat up pretty badly, I've got bruises on top of bruises on arms, legs & chest, and a sore neck, arm, foot and knee. Several people have told me that I'm doing very well and someone was surprised that I'd been doing this for less than 4 months. Of course, this hasn't stopped them from submitting me, but I guess I'm making them fight for it more, hence all the physical trauma. I rolled with one of the new guys (170ish) and dominated him, but he's only been there a few weeks so it's no real accomplishment. It does give me a chance to try a top game, which with the weight difference I was having a lot of trouble holding. When I got on top, he would lift me off him with his arms; I need to get better at putting my weight down on top of someone.

We drilled some guard passing defense and the open guard. In open rolling, I learned a few new submissions :

Bicep Compression (ow ow)
* If they've got hands clasped to prevent the armbar
* Hook their arm with elbow
* Grasp bicep with hand
* Squeeze so blade of forearm digs into their bicep

Choke From Side Control
* Get one of their arms across their neck
* Loop arm around their neck on other side
* Grab bicep of other arm and use for leverage
* Blood choked by their own arm + your arm


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