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Nowhere to Run

We've got 3 folks getting ready for fights, so coach broke us up into 2 groups so he could work them harder while we went through regular class. Started out doing some pushups + mitt drills (jab/cross & cross/uc/cross) both static and moving. He then had us back up against a wall and have our partner throw at us in order to work bobbing/weaving.

* feet shoulder width apart
* rear leg toe should be about midpoint of other foot
* when moving in for a cross, lead leg goes out at an angle, not directly forward

bob & weave
* watch center of chest
* don't dodge around using back & neck
* movement is from legs
* make sure to keep torso covered with elbows

After class got to watch some of the conditioning of the guys training for fights. He had them doing pushups till failure & beyond, standing still and taking hits to torso & legs, and lying down with someone walking across their stomachs. Looked pretty fun.


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