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Slap Hands

We did some more boxing, refining what we had done earlier and bringing the intensity up a bit. Coach told us to not lose technique when drilling, slow and right is better than fast and wrong. A few notes :

Boxing Stance
* Lead hand is slightly in front of face rather than against head on temple.
* This allows for quicker jab and a quicker defense

Jab/Rear kick combo
* I can do this one pretty quickly, after the jab the natural rotation of the body swings the kick right into them

Cross/Lead kick
* This one is a bit tougher, due to the footwork required for both the cross and the lead kick
* Should step out for the cross
* Feet should do a shuffle-step in order to create the correct space for the kick.
- Lead leg goes back while the rear leg goes forward.
- Shouldn't have a bounce, head should stay level.

* We worked a trapping drill with a partner.
* Coach emphasized that it was designed to help us increase our hand speed.
* It is not something we'd use in a real fight.


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