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Falling Down

Finally got a chance to try Judo. The sensei took me aside and had me do breakfalls so that I could be thrown without being hurt. He had recently had back surgery and was sporting a fetching corset, so he wasn't able to show me, but he did a good job of explaining what I needed to do. I took 3 months of Shin Nagare Karate last year and I had learned some falls and rolls, so I wasn't completely lost.

I still sucked pretty badly though, my legs always end up reversed of what they need to be. I ended up practicing forward, backward & side falls as well as a rolling forward breakfall. He then had a classmate throw me onto a cushiony mat about 50 times, which was fun.

He explained to me the three important concepts of any judo throw - off balance, entry and execution - and told me about the importance of rotation to get someone off balance.

* Chin to chest
* Hand(s) slap at a 45 degree angle to legs
* Relaxed
* Exhale on landing
* Side Fall
- Bottom leg should be straight
- Top leg should be bent at knee, resting on ball of foot

Generating Power
* A powerlifter stance in order to generate the most power
* Feet shoulder width apart
* Slightly crouched
* Back Straight


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