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Slip and Slide

Had a large class today. I got paired up with a guy my size and coach drilled us on some mitts : he'd call out a number and we'd do that many of a certain punch. Did jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut and rear uppercut. Then we did the same thing with 2 hit combos, jab/cross, hook/hook and uppercut/uppercut.

After that we both put on gloves and worked defense from jab, cross and jab/cross. Then he had us back up against the wall with our partner throwing at our head to work on deflecting and slipping. Finally, we finished up with some light sparring.

Things to focus on
* Strike off the toe - coach said my feet were too flat when I was doing cross and hooks
* Be careful about slipping a jab towards the side of their cross - you could get it in the face

When we were sparring, I had a definite reach advantage on the guy and I was able to slip one in over his jab at one point, which was cool.


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