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Thought I'd be an overachiever and wrap my hands before going to class. I was able to do both hands the same way, so while I might not have it correct, at least I'm consistent. After finishing that and getting ready, I realized I had nothing to eat, so I had to stop by a bagel shop for breakfast. The girl behind the counter asked me what happened to my hands...

Jumped rope for 10-15 minutes, then did some shadow boxing and then began working the bags. Apparently I was so proud of the fact that I got my hands wrapped that I neglected to bring my gloves, so I had to wear some of the nasty gym gloves.

I worked the slip bag a bit, which I've never done before. The trick is give it a good hit then move out of the way since it's going to come right back at you. I also worked a moving bag, and coach showed me the purpose of it. It's for training footwork, so you back up to get the correct distance if it swings toward you so you don't crowd or you can move in to hit it if it swings away from you.

I also did some kicks and combos on a heavy bag. Coach critiqued my technique a bit, apparently when I get in a hurry it goes to shit. He told me to imagine that there are strings attached from my hands to my hips, so when I jab, my hips should turn that way and the same with the cross. He also cautioned me on turning my elbow out and punching with my arm when I do a cross. It should drive forward from my body, not come out at all.


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