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3 Step Sub

Back to the gym finally and there's a new expanded schedule with 3 days of jits and an additional MMA class, so I'm pretty excited. This class we covered 3 steps going from an escape to a sweep to a submission.

1 - Escape from Side Control
* Inside hand against their hip with elbow underneath them
* Outside hand is grasping the inside of their shoulder, with forearm going across their /neck/jaw
* Bump hips, with outside harm levering them up and towards opposite shoulder while inside hand holds them in place
* Swing around towards guard to get at least one leg in for butterfly guard.

2 - Butterfly Guard Sweep
* Once in guard, get one hand on head and other hand on arm (same side as outside leg)
* Pull them upwards with both arms and with inside leg
* When weight is light on their posted knee, scissor legs and roll on top
* Land on top with tight grasp on arm, one foot behind shoulder and other foot on inside of armpit

3 - Armbar
* Switch grasp of their arm so that inside arm has it while outside arm is posted over them
* Inside of elbow to inside of elbow for a night hold
* Bring outside leg around over head to get heel against their neck
* Fall back with leg over head pulled in tight and leg over chest layed down flat
- this keeps them from rolling out in either direction


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