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Brabo Choke

Started with a run/light rolling warmup, then we did some armbar/triangle from guard drills. Coach said my armbar looks a lot tighter. We then started learning the Brabo choke.

Brabo Choke
* Opponent is down on all fours and you are on top
* Push their head down with outside arm
* Snake your inside arm underneath their armpit and up around their neck
* Catch crook of elbow of outside arm with hand in rnc-type position and work hand up on their back
- Head should be on their back, elbow should be on the ground, weight should be on their shoulder
* With a angled push, roll them onto their side
* Squeeze
- If extra pressure is needed, switch hips and slide outside leg onto ground towards their feet, moving body close to theirs for a better angle

We also worked on some open guard drills, trying to keep a foot and holding on to an arm. Due to my grip issues, I tried to get a wrist and perhaps catch the back of their tricep and it seemed to work okay.

Did some rolling with a couple folks who are more experienced than me and was able to get several submissions. It seems my cardio is improving enough that I can start pushing a little harder without being totally wasted.


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