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How Do Hit?

Started back today on my stand-up after a hiatus of about a year. I don't feel like my form has suffered horribly (not that it was that great to begin with) but my conditioning is totally gone.

I think doing MT regularly will definitely help me get back up to speed on my Jiu-jitsu as well.

To start we ran 4 laps and then did a couple rounds of jump-rope. Coach then had us do a pretty strenuous warm-up with lots of alternating chest and ab work. After shadowboxing we did some paired drills working on the push kick and defense and also jab/cross defense. We did some work on the bags of jab/cross combos, then finished up with some punch/block/return drills.

Push Kick
* Knee comes up to my chest
* Push leg forward so that foot can be flat against their chest, between navel and sternum
* Push foot forward to throw them off balance


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