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Sweeps & Half Guard

Started out reviewing a couple basic sweeps from guard. We then worked on 2 different versions of the half guard (standard and the lockdown) and worked a sweep and a transition to back.

Half Guard Sweep
* Place hand on their hip
* Bump hips while keeping their leg in place with arm
* Push bottom knee through, into half-butterfly
* Get head & arm control
* Pull them off balance and execute half-butterfly sweep

Half Guard to Back
* Bump hips and use space to get an underhook
* Shrimp to side and grab their opposite trap
* Get up to a knee and post on free arm
* ALWAYS keep head in contact with their body

We did some rolling, but I was feeling weak at the end so I took it light. I didn't feel like I had got enough cardio, so I jogged a mile on the treadmill after I got home.


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