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Get Up Offa Me

Rolled with a guy I hadn't wrestled before. Started out as light, but got heavier as it went along. Not sure how long we went, but a classmate finally came over and said we had been going at it for a while. It seemed like 10 minutes, but time does seem to drag when you're getting crushed.

Afterwards he asked how much I weighed. When I told him 125, several folks remarked that they thought I was heavier, at least 140. The guy I was rolling with was 205. In cross body he felt like a fucking ton of bricks.

I really need to work on my escape from cross body. I do alright escaping the mount, but when I get flattened out on my side I'm finding it hard to do anything but wait for them to make a move and then try to escape, and I seem to waste a lot of energy doing that.

I later rolled with a new guy, probably around 160, and we stopped about halfway through and got some instruction on breaking a closed guard and triangle from guard.

Breaking Closed Guard
* Paws, not fists!
* Walk up their chest
* Once I'm far back enough, I can swat their hands off my head

Triangle From Guard
* Start with feet on their hips
* Push an arm up against their chest
* Get leg over shoulder and around neck
- Foot should be close to knee of other leg
- I should be looking into his ear
* Bring other leg up just enough to slip knee over my foot
* Get both hands on the back of their head, right beneath the slope
* Squeeze Legs, Arch Back, Pull Head


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