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Hurts Like a...

Drilled some more armbar and triangle from guard. Got a few tips from a senior student on how to make it tighter.

* When holding their arm, hold arm along the centerline at your bellybutton
* When trying to push their head down to clear space for your leg to go over (for armbar), use the blade of the arm along their temple/ear/neck. This hurts like hell and will help to move their head out of the way.

After drilling I rolled a few times and was able to get an armbar from mount on one of the newer guys, which is a first for me. I know it was pretty sloppy, but I haven't really been taught any submissions from mount yet so I guess anything I can pull off is a bonus.

Buddy of mine gave me some tips on escaping the tight-ass triangle he threw on me as well. If I try to stack them, I need to rotate away from the arm that's trapped and locking on to their head with my free arm will help to hold them in place while I'm moving away.


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