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Everyone just started rolling around at the start of class, so coach just had us do an open gym.

I rolled 5 or 6 times, most of the time with guys around my size which was nice. I had a lot of luck with my guard, keeping them locked down and slowly working them into subs, but I'm still finding sweeps hard to do unless we're just going light or they totally screw up.

I did roll once with a new guy, 200+ who has done some japanese jujitsu and wrestling (in hs I believe he said). I just spent some time working the guard with him and trying to keep his weight off me. I didn't ever feel in any danger, but I think I was way too cautious when I had the opportunity to work on sweeps and my top game.

Coach stopped us for a bit and pointed out that some of us are taking the "be the ball" approach a little too far, and that we should never let our opponents hips get above ours when in this position. If they start moving forward, we need to use arms & hips to create some space.


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