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Down and Over

Worked some more takedowns in class, then had open rolling form standup. I'm still not very good at getting the upper hand on a takedown, especially vs someone with some judo experience, so I tend to cut my losses and just go in to guard on the way down.

In and Over
* Get control of their wrist and pull
* When they pull back, go into them - down on one knee
* As knee hits the group, pull their arm over so that they end up off balance, over your shoulders
* Dip head and roll them flat onto their back
* End with knee on stomach/chest

Had a long roll with one of the newer guys and after shooting a very sloppy armbar he got on top and had me defending on bottom for a long time. Never really got into trouble but I gassed pretty quick and was basically stuck without enough energy to work an escape. I need to up my cardio.


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