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Try Again

Worked on a few sweeps and a submission from guard. Was useful stuff since they're stuff I'm already relying on a lot in my guard-centric game and need some more work polishing them.

Basic Guard Sweep
* When they post an arm
* Come up and wrap their arm with my same arm (opposite side)
* Post with other arm (same side)
* Bump hips using both feet
* Roll onto mount

Failed Sweep Kimura
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Grab wrist with posted arm
* Grab that wrist with other hand, forming a figure 4
* Shrimp out to side, bringing knee high up on their back
* Finish up submission by rotating up and pushing towards shoulder
* The flatter you get them, the tighter the submission seems to get

Reversal Sweep
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Release their arm, and switch to other side - under-tricep grip
* Grab their head with other arm (the one that was posted)
* Switch hips, and bring leg in between so that shin is across their waist, hooking hip with top of foot
* Use both arms and hooked foot to pull them up towards your head to throw their balance
* Scissor legs and roll into mount


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