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Saturday February 16, 2008

Back In It

First day back after a month, so I started out slow to see how I feel. Did 10 minutes of ropes and a lot of stretching, then paired up with a friend and did some basic (straight) mitt work. After he left, I hit up the bags for a while, mixed in with some more stretching.

My cardio seems okay, but I have lost some flexibility. I'm going to work on it the next couple weeks to see if I can't get back to where I was and start increasing it again.

Halfway to Back

Coach had us drill a half-guard to back escape that was pretty cool, and then we did some open guard stuff.

Apparently I missed the basics the past couple weeks, but he said we'll be covering it some more in class next week so I'll hopefully be able to catch up.

Half-Guard to Back
* If they don't have an underhook on the side you've got locked
* Bump their arm over your head
* Press head into their chest
* Shrimp out
* Grab across their back to get their trap.
* Work for back or

Roll to Mount
* With one hook in and grip on their trap.
* Roll away, bringing them with me
* As they land on their back, slide into mount

Monday February 18, 2008

Trip and Roll

First class was pretty small, so we just learned some new take downs. Finished up the class drilling the triangle and armbar from guard. I need to make sure to get good rotation on my triangle, I should be looking at their ear when I lock it in.

Trip and Roll
* Shoot
* Pivot
* Come up on their back
* Leg behind them goes out straight in tripping motion
* Foot on other leg goes against their foot
* "Sit down" on back leg, rolling over towards them when balance goes

Hook and Push
* Shoot
* Hook outside their outside leg with your outside leg
* Wrap arms around their waist
* Push forward with opposite shoulder, in a twisting motion with arms

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