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Monday May 19, 2008

Take Downs & Armbars

Coach said since summer is upon us, we're going to have lots of new folks coming in to train, so he's going to start pushing us harder to get in better shape and to work hard on our game.

After warm-up we drilled some cross body escapes. Next we broke up into 3 groups with one person holding a large pad, and we worked on take downs, specifically putting some power behind them. Next we broke back up into pairs and worked the armbar from cross-body.

Armbar from Cross-Body
* If their arm comes up behind their head
* Trap the arm with head-side arm
* Move other arm down to block their hips
* Sprawl and pivot over to a north-south
* Use a punching motion with trapping arm to roll them on side while going to a combat base on top of their head
* Go for Keylock or...
* Pivot over to side and drop into armbar, keeping leg under their back to really have it tight
* Leg over head should be pulling in to keep them in place
- if they try and roll out-
1 - block leg with free arm or...
2 - hook leg with free arm

At the end of class I drilled some more with a new guy, and then did some light rolling with him. While I felt like I was positionally dominant the entire time, I didn't feel like I had the amount of control I would like to have, probably because I was working a top-game which I don't get the oopportunity to do very often.

I think I need to do a lot more light rolling to get more comfortable with mobility.

Saturday May 24, 2008


Did 10 min of rope, some shadowboxing and did some bagwork. Then paired up with someone and did mittwork. Finished up with defensive drills and some light sparring.

Get the Choke

Just did some light rolling with a classmate. I got to his back and he told me to go ahead and try to sink the choke. Worked on that for several minutes before we stopped. As usual, I'm able to hold on to the back pretty tightly, but have a lot of trouble actually sinking the choke.

Wednesday May 28, 2008


Worked some kicks, both single and double till close to failure. Did some defensive drilling, then broke into two groups of 5 for sparring, rotating 1 new person in every round.

Round 1

* This was someone I thought I should be able to control, but had a lot of trouble getting through his defense to actually get good hits in. I never felt in a lot of danger from him either. Coach said I need to tighten up my range, and move out after making a combo.

Round 2
* This was someone more experienced than me, but he was pretty tired from the workout and played it pretty conservative. He told me I need to move when under pressure, I have a habit of covering up and standing still.

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