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Monday November 3, 2008

Get Out

Did a relatively light warmup, then paired up and worked on some guard work and triangle/armbar escapes.

Armbar Escape
* Sprawl and push their legs forward
* Rotate towards inside of caught arm
* Push their legs forward above their head
* Drop hips to force them to release

Triangle Escape
* Grab around their thigh with trapped arm
* Rotate towards non-caught arm
* Use other arm to grab across their face
* Drop hip to force them to release

Friday November 7, 2008

Down and Over

Worked some more takedowns in class, then had open rolling form standup. I'm still not very good at getting the upper hand on a takedown, especially vs someone with some judo experience, so I tend to cut my losses and just go in to guard on the way down.

In and Over
* Get control of their wrist and pull
* When they pull back, go into them - down on one knee
* As knee hits the group, pull their arm over so that they end up off balance, over your shoulders
* Dip head and roll them flat onto their back
* End with knee on stomach/chest

Had a long roll with one of the newer guys and after shooting a very sloppy armbar he got on top and had me defending on bottom for a long time. Never really got into trouble but I gassed pretty quick and was basically stuck without enough energy to work an escape. I need to up my cardio.

Monday November 17, 2008

Try Again

Worked on a few sweeps and a submission from guard. Was useful stuff since they're stuff I'm already relying on a lot in my guard-centric game and need some more work polishing them.

Basic Guard Sweep
* When they post an arm
* Come up and wrap their arm with my same arm (opposite side)
* Post with other arm (same side)
* Bump hips using both feet
* Roll onto mount

Failed Sweep Kimura
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Grab wrist with posted arm
* Grab that wrist with other hand, forming a figure 4
* Shrimp out to side, bringing knee high up on their back
* Finish up submission by rotating up and pushing towards shoulder
* The flatter you get them, the tighter the submission seems to get

Reversal Sweep
* If basic guard sweep fails
* Release their arm, and switch to other side - under-tricep grip
* Grab their head with other arm (the one that was posted)
* Switch hips, and bring leg in between so that shin is across their waist, hooking hip with top of foot
* Use both arms and hooked foot to pull them up towards your head to throw their balance
* Scissor legs and roll into mount

Wednesday November 19, 2008

Leg Grab

Did a lot of warmup and drills tonight with a bit of new technique at the end. We drilled some armbar from guard (bottom) / failed armbar pass (top) and a lot of stand up pummeling/throw stuff.

Leg Grab
* If I am on the ground and opponent is standing
* If they are in and we're arm fighting, if they step back to escape
* Slide in (ass never leaves ground) and wrap inside leg around their leg while rotating around to the side of their leg
* Other leg should be down flat as well
* Arm should grasp leg just above knee

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