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Saturday March 3, 2007

Run Money Run

Decided to try a bit of jogging tonight, did about 3/4 of a mile in 8 minutes or so.

Monday March 5, 2007

Don't want to lose this


Holding an Open Guard

Made it all the way through the warmup without stopping (hey, it's a victory for me) and was able to keep up with the class the entire night, including staying a little later to do some rolling.

Since we had a big class we broke into two groups and rotated. Started with some light rolling while rotating out partners, then went back to original partner and did some more drills like last week. One person standing, the other in guard, trying to pass guard and get some sort of side control. Soon as someone got control, we'd reset and try again.

Things I learned :

* When trying to pass, barrel works better if I push their leg in towards them, twisting it at the knee.
* Tripod worked okay except that I wasn't quite fast enough to get around his guard.
* Keep feet up in guard so that they can't lock my foot down
* Use feet to push them away, grab arms if I can to control their movement
* Don't be afraid to sit up and grab them

When open rolling I worked on getting out from a side control.
* Get left arm across their chest and hand on their opposite shoulder
* Right hand down on their hip
* Explode them up for a moment in order to get a leg underneath

Thursday March 8, 2007

Hiki Waza

Hiki Waza
* Sho Men strike
* Move in to tai atari
* Give a slight push to make a little room while lifting right foot
* Bring right foot down as I strike sho-men, using foot to jump backwards
* Bring shinai up to jodan after strike

Other Things
* Keep correct footwork - I was sometimes letting my left foot get ahead of my right, and I ended up gashing the hell out of my toe when my back foot collided with my partner's lead foot. MFer needs to trim his toe-nails.
* Tai Atari - From waist rather than chest or shoulder height. Use hips for power.

More Running

Ran 1 mile in 11:15 - that's an average of 5.33mph, so I guess it's more of a jog than a run.

Friday March 9, 2007

Sink and Roll

Picked up a second class for the week. Was pretty small, just 5 students all who were all larger than me so I rotated out with the smallest guy. We worked on a guard pass based on the barrel and sink movements we learned previously :

* Push their feet to the floor
* Sink down, holding their feet between my legs
* Barrel their knees to one side using chest
* Work my way up to a side guard, using rear arm (straight) to keep their legs down.
- This is more of a pushing out motion than pushing down, preventing them from getting a leg up to push their legs out

Monday March 12, 2007

Death by Americana

Had a great class tonight, was able to keep up with everyone and didn't gas out. Successfully fought off an armbar and actually got an Americana on someone, sorta. She may have tapped early because we were too close to the wall but goddamnit I had her and I wasn't gonna let go. Tried to do a triangle, but when i got one leg over the shoulder I realized that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

Worked on some MMA guard and defending a guard pass.

MMA Guard
* Hold a closed guard, bring legs up in order to push them down on top
* Trap their arms using underhooks
* If they get position, use knees to help deflect their strikes
- can put feet on their hips to push away

Defending Guard Pass (to side mount)
* Shrimp onto side
* Lock legs around their trailing legs
* Use hands to hold on to shoulder and arm

Picked up some Shorts and Knee Pads. Like it better than ye old gi pants.

Tuesday March 13, 2007

I've Got the Triangle

Went over to a friends house after work and he showed me a few submissions :

* From guard, get one leg inside their arms
* Throw that leg up over their shoulder
* Use other leg to push on their hip, to move across into position
- If I'm looking at their ear, I'm in the right spot
* Bring other leg up over instep of foot
* Close that leg up to apply pressure
- Can pull down on the leg, or their head in order to help complete the choke

* One arm goes around neck, similiar to a headlock, with hand gripping the back of opposite shoulder
* Second arm should come in elbow first so that they can't grab arm
* Transition from hand on their shoulder to your own bicep
* Squeeze arm and pull shoulders back to complete the choke.

Wednesday March 14, 2007

Not skinny, but Wiry

Got a fat loss monitor to track my fat % and to see if I'm gaining some muscle mass while my weight is staying pretty static.

5'7 3/4"
31 years old
12.4% fat.

That'd mean i'm 15lbs fat and 115 lbs of lean body mass. That's surprising considering that I weighed 115lbs 4 months ago.

According to this chart , I'm in the Athlete range, lol. Maybe I'm doing the thing on the wrong setting, it does have a regular and athlete option.

Damn You Yoko Giri

Just suburi and battodo tonight, for tameshigiri practice. I need a lot of work on my yoko giri, and while practicing some one-armed swings I ended up throwing my shoulder off whack and felt off the rest of the night.

Yoko Giri
* Arm should be fully extended, no bent elbow
* Feet should be angled 35 degrees towards the blade when starting
* Feet should be angled 35 degrees towards blade (ie, direction of swing) when finished
* Power and speed are vital.
* Don't scoop upwards at end of swing, it will throw hasugi off

Friday March 16, 2007

How Do Armbar!

side control
* on knees, legs wide, one knee against hip, other by shoulder/head
* arm 1 around head and under shoulder
* arm 2 across them and up the side of their body, holding in
* weight on them
* if they move, move with them, keep knees up against them

escaping side control
* get arm 1 underneath and on their hip (elbow first to squeeze it in)
* get arm 2 under their neck (elbow first to squeeze it in)
* bridge body
- lift with legs, not arms
- leave arms up as body goes down
* slip in a knee

arm bar from guard
* when they're down with elbows on your torso
* grab opposite arm around elbow
* bring knee up behind arm and place foot on their thigh
* place other hand on their opposite shoulder
* bring leg over their shoulder (the one being held)
- rotate body as you do this , so that you're looking at their ear
* bring other leg around and over their neck
- Point foot down

mount escape 1 (if they're high up)
* use elbows to push them down and feet to shimmy out

mount escape 2 (if they're flat on you)
* trap one arm with arm
* trap leg on same side with leg
* bridge to roll them over

Saturday March 17, 2007

Good Links

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Starting BJJ Classes
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Monday March 19, 2007

The Guard Pass Haunts Me

passing the guard to side control
* their hips must be flat on the ground
- use straight arm and weight to push down
- if they're not flat they can move with you
* put knee up their ass
* rotate hips and push back to break open guard
* push a knee down with straight-arm/weight
- keep hip down with other arm
* put knee over their leg
* move up the body to head while keeping them flat with weight

Did some stand up clinch work as well :
* Keep feet sprawled so they can't grab a leg or tip me over
* Use one arm to trap them in order to go to back
- sprawl out once back is gained so they can't regain position
* Push one arm down and grab their leg, lift up push and rotate

Friday March 23, 2007

Free Rolling

Today was more of an open rolling session than a class. Got to roll with several different folks and got to watch coach and one of our guys who is training for a fight go at it for a while. I learned a lot just by watching.

* When someone is breaking my guard... sit up and slide out
* Need to work on my shrimping
* When they've got me in side control and turn on their side, the way to get out is to push back on their shoulder and hip with my arms

Monday March 26, 2007

Rollin rollin rollin

More guard surfing drills tonight. Was finally able to get past someone's guard once or twice, though not consistently. Few things I learned when rolling :

* if they have me in an open guard, I still need to focus on keeping a knee down. If their legs get up around my head I'm in danger.
* when breaking guard - STRAIGHT ARM
* I need more practice at recognizing openings and taking them. I almost had a triangle on someone but it took me too long to execute so he was able to turn and get out of danger before I could sink it.

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