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Saturday December 1, 2007

Make Space

Did some mitt work with a partner, then some defensive drills (with and without hands) and finished up with some light/med sparring.

I need to work on my distance, keep my chin down and keep pressure on my opponent. If I'm hitting them, they have a lot more trouble unloading on me.


The guy I worked with wanted to drill some takedowns, so we practiced our shoot and body lock.

* Change level
* Move in, with knee leading the way
* Knee should land between their legs
* Once I've got let, then pivot and drive

Body Lock Takedown
* Swimming with arms
* Get double underhooks
* Hands go up behind their back, raising their arms
* Pull them off balance, then drive

Saturday December 8, 2007


Started out with some ropes, then did a circuit of bag & mitt work, then some defensive drills and sparring.

Few things I need to work on :
* Keep covered when jabbing
* Use counter-punch
* Combos ftw

Hold You Down

Drilled armbar, triangle & kimura from guard. When going for a kimura, I need to make sure to unlock my legs. Also, bending the top leg at the knee and bringing it up to their upper back can help keep them down while I apply the submisssion.

Monday December 10, 2007

Cranks and Kimuras

Drilled triangle and armbar from last week. Then did kimura and guillotine.

* If the post a hand
* Grab wrist with same side hand
* Come up and over with other arm and grab own wrist
* Open guard and top leg goes high on their back
* Rotate body to finish it off

* Bony part of thumb-knuckle goes up under their chin
* Put in rotation, moving elbow towards own hip, closing the gap between arm and side

Rolling Frenzy

Tonight we did a warm-up and then ended up rolling all night. I went with 4 or 5 different people and felt that I did pretty well, pulling off several kimuras and triangles. I'm still working on finishing the armbar.

I've noticed that my game seems to totally revolve around my guard, so I've started making an effort to avoid pulling people into my guard and instead try to pass them or get into their guard in order to work different parts of my game. My first attempt at this ended up getting me triangled after about 10 seconds, but I endeavor to persevere.

Wednesday December 12, 2007

Ho's and Bo's

Got to class a little late due to construction so only caught half the warmup. Coach was at one of his kid's games, so a senior student led us through drills. We did kicks, knees, elbows, a elbow counter drill, and then some combos. (1/2/3 - 10/3/2)

Kicks and Knees
* When kicking with my left leg, I need to step out more
* When kneeing, make sure to grab the back of their head, not neck

* "Wipe the Head" - After throwing an elbow, the hand should come back around in a wiping motion - palm out - to protect the head as you turn your body to throw from the other side. For example, after I throw a right, my hand would go clockwise across my forhead as I pivot right to throw my left.

Elbow Counter Drill
* Catch elbow with same side hand
* Put back of opposite arm on their tricep
* Palm of same side hand on tricep
* Come in with elbow from opposite side
* They catch, and continue to ping-pong

Punching notes
* Make sure to pivot on toe for hooks
* On uppercut, drive from toe, shoulder should be behind it

Saturday December 15, 2007

Jab, Jab, Jab

Jumped rope for a few minutes, then did some distance bag work. I then paired up with someone and we worked defense, first just vs straight jab/cross and then throwing anything (jab, cross, hook, uppercut, body blows, etc). We finished up with some light sparring.

Half Guard Hijinx

Spent the first part of class light rolling with a classmate, concentrating primarily on take downs, pummeling and escapes. We went for a good 15-20 minutes before stopping, then took a break and I started rolling with someone else.

After a short while, we ended up with me in his half guard, so I rode it out for a while to see if he could escape and if I could hold position. Soon the coaches came over and started instructing him on how to escape, and me on how to pass.

Passing Half Guard
* Trap shoulders
* Get to side, work leg out

Escaping Half Mount
* Be a ball
* Keep one shoulder up, try to get elbow to touch knee
* One arm should be around them, in an underhook

Monday December 17, 2007

Roll Into It

Our normal teacher (a senior student) was out on vacation, so coach came in instead. He had us do a light roll for warmup, where I was able to pull off the sweep he helped me on Saturday. He then helped tighten up our game on the two subs we worked on last week.

* Rather than grabbing their wrist first, get the arm locked around first
* Rather than bringing the leg across their lower back, bend the knee and bring it up between their shoulder blades, basically squeezing their torso between your thighs
* The elbow should be tight against their shoulder as you tighten the submission

* Lock it in first
* Twist to get the other hand gripped
* Then fall back

At the end of class, we just did some rolling and I was able to use my new guillotine to tap out someone that has been escaping from them for weeks.

Turtle Up

Tonight we worked how to attack someone who is turtling.

Attacking Turtle
* Don't be directly behind them, or high up on their back
* Get one hand in, on the inside of their thigh
* Get hand in on other side, inside their arm to grab their wrist
* One leg should be up on foot, other on knee
* Use arms to make space to get a hook in
* Keep body at an angle, easy to pull them over and start working on other hook

Wednesday December 19, 2007


Missed MT due to work, so I came in for the later JKD class. We got a nice run in for a warm up, then did some basic stick work.

Basic Stick
* Hold the stick at least a hands width up from the bottom
* Don't stop the swing, swing through all the way
* Stance is right foot forward
* Should be body rotation and foot movement
- when swinging to the left, left foot on ball of foot, bringing left foot down and right foot up onto ball as you swing
- when swinging to the right, right foot on ball of foot, bringing right foot down and left foot up onto ball as you swing

Basic Stick Swings
* Stick on right shoulder
* Diagonal down to left hip
* Stick on left shoulder
* Diagonal down to right hip
* Stick against right bicep
* Diagonal up towards left shoulder
* Stick against left bicep
* Diagonal up towards right shoulder

Reverse Stick Swings
Reverse One
* Stick on left shoulder
* Bring horizontally across and rotate to the right
* Diagonal down towards left hip
Reverse Two
* Stick on right shoulder
* Bring horizontally across and rotate to the left
* Diagonal down towards right hip
Reverse Three
* Stick against left bicep
* Flip over with left hand to contact right bicep
* Diagonal up towards left shoulder
Reverse Four
* Stick against right bicep
* Rotate to the left
* Bring stick across in front of you
* Slide down to left bicep
* Diagonal up towards right shoulder

Saturday December 22, 2007

Drive From the Toe

Did 10-15min with ropes then paired up with a classmate to do mitt & pad work on 3 min rounds.

Mitts (moving) - 1-2/3-4/9-10
Thai Pads - 15 rear kicks/10 knees/15 lead kicks/10 knees - repeat

Coach's Tips
* Keep elbow up on hook
* Drive up with the uppercut, put the shoulder into it and drive from the toe

Flip You For Real

No drilling today, just rolling. Did a light roll with a newer classmate around my size, then paired up with a guy about 30lbs heavier than me and we went for subs for a good 10-15 min. I stayed on bottom the entire time, but I was able to control the fight and he spent most of his time in my guard defending sub attempts. I was able to get a guillotine, kimura, and another guillotine (off a faked kimura/sweep). By the end we were both pretty worn out, though I was happy that I was able to conserve energy pretty well and didn't try to match him muscle for muscle.

After a couple minutes of recovery, coach rolled with me to see how I'm progressing. He said I'm doing very well, but that I need to pay more attention to where I feel my opponent. At one point he made a move for my back and I had made space but ended up facing the other way; rather than recomposing my guard, I turtled and waited to see what he was going to do. He said I should be aware of when/where pressure is being applied, and if it's lifted I should make a move to get back to a better position, using my knowledge of where he was last if I'm not sure.

Saturday December 29, 2007

Bah Humbug

Gym is closed for 2 weeks due to the holidays, but coach is letting us come in on Saturdays for open gym. I came in too late to do any stand-up, so I just rolled a couple times with a buddy of mine. My cardio seemed a little weak, and i had some trouble getting my heart rate down after rolling, so I took it easy and headed out after a couple rolls. I was able to get a triangle sub, which was cool because I've had a lot of trouble getting kimuras or guillotines on him.

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